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HES Team

Management Team
Name Position Phone Number Email
Katherine Balk Office & HR Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 292 kbalk@etoh.us
Dave Finke CFO 563-238-5555 Ext. 207 dfinke@etoh.us
Kevin Howes Plant Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 201 khowes@etoh.us
Stan Wubbena Commodity Risk Manager 563-238-5552 swubbena@etoh.us

Office Staff
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kay Boedeker Commodities Specialist 563-238-5555 Ext. 205 kboedeker@etoh.us
Matthew Kuhn IT Specialist 563-238-5555 Ext. 203 mkuhn@etoh.us
Becky Woller Cost Accountant & Logistician 563-238-5555 Ext. 210 bwoller@etoh.us

Scale Operators
Name Position Phone Number Email
Michelle Engelhardt Scalehouse Operator 563-238-5555 Ext. 214 mengelhardt@etoh.us

Name Position Phone Number Email
Rita Dunn Environmental Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 232 rdunn@etoh.us
Kyle Guertin EH&S Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 246 kguertin@etoh.us

Name Position Phone Number Email
Dean Wendland Operations Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 237 dwendland@etoh.us
Marty Grady Production Supervisor 563-238-5250 mgrady@etoh.us
Tony Greer Production Supervisor 563-238-5555 agreer@etoh.us
Nathan Scheidel Production Supervisor 563-238-5250 nscheidel@etoh.us
Tony Vick Production Supervisor 563-238-5555 tvick@etoh.us
Brian Bartholmey Vacation Relief Operator 563-238-5555 bbartholmey@etoh.us
Wade Rummel Vacation Relief Operator 563-238-5555 wrummel@etoh.us
Ron Bramow D&E Operator 563-238-5555 rbramow@etoh.us
Jay Broughton D&E Operator 563-238-5555 jbroughton@etoh.us
Drew Kraft D&E Operator 563-238-5555 dkraft@etoh.us
Shawn Tibbitts D&E Operator 563-238-5555 stibbits@etoh.us
Dan Crooks Slurry Operator 563-238-5555 dcrooks@etoh.us
Kris Howes Slurry Operator 563-238-5555 krhowes@etoh.us

Name Position Phone Number Email
Lindsay Kuhn Lab Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 236 lkuhn@etoh.us
Sharon Kipp Lab Tech 563-238-5555 Ext. 234 skipp@etoh.us

Name Position Phone Number Email
Scott Bauer Maintenance Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 239 sbauer@etoh.us
Laurie Leibold Maintenance Coordinator/ Inventory Control 563-238-5555 Ext. 240 lleibold@etoh.us
Jim Hulbert Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 jhulbert@etoh.us
Jeff McCrea Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 jmccrea@etoh.us
Scott Njus Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 snjus@etoh.us
Jason Orthaus Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 jorthaus@etoh.us
Paul Packard Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 ppackard@etoh.us
Jason Schlangen Instrumental/Maintenance Technician 563-238-5555 jschlangen@etoh.us
Bernie Huegel Groundskeeper 563-238-5555 bhuegel@etoh.us

Commodity Handlers
Name Position Phone Number Email
Dan Clark Material Manager 563-238-5555 Ext. 245 dclark@etoh.us
Tony Hulbert Material Handler 563-238-5555 ahulbert@etoh.us
Alan King Material Handler 563-238-5555 aking@etoh.us
Devon Panos Material Handler 563-238-5555 dpanos@etoh.us
Jordan Shimek Material Handler 563-238-5555


Darren Streich Material Handler 563-238-5555 dstreich@etoh.us
Tony Zeien Material Handler 563-238-5555 tzeien@etoh.us

Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC
2779 Hwy 24
Lawler, IA 52154